MP3 Voice Recorder App Reviews

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App interessante ma troppo cara Very nice and usefull App ! Great !


This app crashes as fast as it opens. Do NOT buy!

MP3 Voice Recorder

I was able to record 45 minutes of music from my CD player, possibly more at one time. It was worth the price.

Basic recorder

Good basic recorder! Nice large buttons....good for kids. I wish you could rename the files in the app instead of them just being labelled with date and time. I like how you can upload files to iTunes via cord as well as email.


Very good And Useful aps

mp3 Voice Recorder

This app is useless. It wouldnt be so annoying if it had been a free app, but I paid money for this, and it will not record. The moment you hit record, crashes. I gave it 1 star, only because I had to give it something in order to submit a review. Im not at all happy with this app. Save yourself money & aggravation. Dont buy this app.

Nice and simple

A very easy voice recorder. Only three buttons to push, record and play. Thats it.

revoluation UI

really love this UI. very intuitive and seems the only app with the style


Not alot of features, better with just sticking to the one thats preinstalled on the device


Nice app. Works very well and very simple to use. A tad bit expensive though. I think 99 cents would be better


Much better than the other voice recording apps Ive tried, the quality of this one is fantastic. The layout and design look good and are simple to navigate. The filing system makes it easy to find a specfic recording. Theres also many other great features.

I have no use for it

I dont get the utility of this app, ypu already have voice memos built in Ios. And it looks bad, a cheap copy of the metro ui

good app

its an useful app.

Great for practicing

I love this app for practicing presentations, knowing what my voice sounds like. Its super easy to use with one button operations. Most importantly, the sound quality of the recordings is top notch.


I did not know I needed this app, it is so great.


It is such a great app, well worth 0.99.


This us an amazing app . Well worth it and highly recommended

Its good

This app is good. It can record into MP3 files. I prefer MP3 files to M4A files. But this app looks more complicated than default app.


Nice recording tool with many features.


Its a simple but useful voice recorder, easy to use and works very well, with good quality.

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