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MP3 Voice Recorder app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4512 ratings )
Business Utilities
Developer: Milad Fakhr
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.9.2, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 25 Feb 2013
App size: 3.72 Mb


Have you regretted not having recorded an amazing speech, or the very first words your baby uttered? Wouldnt it be convenient to have a voice recorder with you while you are on the move, to help you make notes, record small tidbits of information, and capture ideas and thoughts? Introducing MP3 Voice Recorder, a powerful voice recorder that lets you freeze special moments, and make a quick note of things you want to come back to later.

MP3 Voice Recorder is a versatile voice-recording tool with plenty of great features. It offers excellent sound quality, and is so easy-to-use that just about anyone can use it. This simple, yet modern voice recorder has a variety of options for quick and hassle-free recording that include:

. One-touch recording
. One-touch Stop & Save
. Recordings stored in both RAW and MP3 formats
. Voice memos
. Voice email
. Voice iCloud
. Voice e-mail up to 5MB
. Record timer & playback counter
. Automatic file naming
. Display of file sizes and time stamps
. Recording in the background
. Memos you record can also be transferred to your Mac or PC Via USB
(itunes file sharing)
. Scan fingerprint for more security files (touch ID)
. Sticker Color For Searching easy your files
. 3D Touch Support
. You have access to all files with Apple Watch

Apple Watch
.Recording with Apple Watch
.You have access to all files with Apple Watch

MP3 Voice Recorders one-touch recording lets you capture sounds around you, or even record voice reminders for yourself and save them in RAW and MP3 formats. It displays file sizes and time stamps, and automatically labels each recording, helping you organize and keep track of the files you have recorded. From the list, you can easily pick the recording you want to listen to, and play it whenever, wherever.

Voice memos can be recorded on-the-fly, helping you keep all your thoughts together in one place. Whats more, you can also send voice notes to others via e-mail or transfer them through iTunes! You can conveniently go on with your voice recording in the background while you do other things on your device.

MP3 Voice Recorder keeps your recordings at your fingertips and is a great companion to your busy lifestyle. And with a voice recorder that can be carried around conveniently in your pocket, you can capture fun moments like those of your friend snoring, your sister singing in the shower, your cats meows and so on, and keep coming back to them, time and again!

1- Connect your iPhone/iPod to iTunes
2- Select your device in iTunes on the left
3- At the top click on the "Apps" tab
4- Scroll down and select the app My Voice Record on the left
5- Your voice memos will appear on the right, just save them in any folder you want

Pros and cons of MP3 Voice Recorder app for iPhone and iPad

MP3 Voice Recorder app good for

App interessante ma troppo cara Very nice and usefull App ! Great !
I was able to record 45 minutes of music from my CD player, possibly more at one time. It was worth the price.

Some bad moments

This app is useless. It wouldnt be so annoying if it had been a free app, but I paid money for this, and it will not record. The moment you hit record, crashes. I gave it 1 star, only because I had to give it something in order to submit a review. Im not at all happy with this app. Save yourself money & aggravation. Dont buy this app.
A very easy voice recorder. Only three buttons to push, record and play. Thats it.
really love this UI. very intuitive and seems the only app with the style
Not alot of features, better with just sticking to the one thats preinstalled on the device
Nice app. Works very well and very simple to use. A tad bit expensive though. I think 99 cents would be better
Much better than the other voice recording apps Ive tried, the quality of this one is fantastic. The layout and design look good and are simple to navigate. The filing system makes it easy to find a specfic recording. Theres also many other great features.

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