MP3 Voice Recorder Recenzje App



Have loved it but doesn’t work on Plus sizes iPhone?

Have used this for some time and love it. But, doesn’t seem to work or open on my new iPhone 7 Plus. Does it need to be updated to work on bigger screen?

Frustrating App

While the recordings sound nice enough getting it to mail is ridiculous!

MP3 Voice Recorder

I was able to record 45 minutes of music from my CD player, possibly more at one time. It was worth the price.


This app crashes as fast as it opens. Do NOT buy!

Not for iPad Air 2

Actually 2.5 stars. Although this app works with my iPhone 6+, the mail link never activates when using my iPad Air 2 making it useless to email an mp3 with my tablet. The guys at the Genius Bar informed me that the iPad is fine and the problem lies with the app.

Good app

Good most of time .....I have issues from time to time emailing recording but works most of the time


Love it. So easy to use. Get yours today, you won't be sorry. The best! And easy. So handy when I want to record a the son that i am writing!😀❤️😍

Completely useless

There needs to be a zero*option for this app. Does not work with or without the phone.

doesn't seem to work on the watch

I'd give it zero stars if I could... it just crashes or hangs on the watch...

Don't waste your $$

Bought it, tried it (didn't work), deleted it. A waste of time and money.

False advertising

I watched a video about this app on YouTube and it said with this app, you're able to record your screen. Which is not true. All the app does is record your voice. This app is effed up. I wasted two dollars on this piece of crap.

Doesn't work for iPad2

Bought it for a speech I needed to record in mp3. Didn't work for my iPad. My wife got it on her iPhone and it worked so had to do everything on there. Waste of money for the iPad.

Email function is not good

I email the file and the mp3 that I download to my desktop fails to work. It's no good.

Big wast

Wast I thought it could record apps


This voice recorder is nice, the app's size is so small, the interface is clear and easy to handle, don't even mention about the email function. Great job!


Does what it said it would must download

Just right

The app does just what you need to do, record. The UI is very simple, but effective. Nice big buttons for quick use at a glance.


Nice looking, easy to use, and functional. Definitely going to keep this one around.

Fantastic app

This app is a nice one. Despite being similar to iOS default recorder, it allows us to pause and record and even export audio file as MP3

Pretty good

Pretty useful to make quick notes and small recordings


Very easy to use with excellent sound quality.

Nothing special.

Really nothing much going on in this app. It's not even a good design. Does only one thing, only if sou would add more features...

Useful app.

Very nice app. Useful.


It is a nice app with beautiful UI, I like it!


Love it was testing out my voice to see how i sound xD


It's a simple but useful voice recorder, easy to use and works very well, with good quality.




Verrrry useful. Great UI. Got recorder voice easy.

It's good

This app is good. It can record into MP3 files. I prefer MP3 files to M4A files. But this app looks more complicated than default app.


This us an amazing app . Well worth it and highly recommended


It is such a great app, well worth 0.99.


I did not know I needed this app, it is so great.

Great for practicing

I love this app for practicing presentations, knowing what my voice sounds like. It's super easy to use with one button operations. Most importantly, the sound quality of the recordings is top notch.

good app

it's an useful app.

I have no use for it

I don't get the utility of this app, ypu already have voice memos built in Ios. And it looks bad, a cheap copy of the metro ui


Much better than the other voice recording apps I've tried, the quality of this one is fantastic. The layout and design look good and are simple to navigate. The filing system makes it easy to find a specfic recording. There's also many other great features.


Nice app. Works very well and very simple to use. A tad bit expensive though. I think 99 cents would be better


Not alot of features, better with just sticking to the one thats preinstalled on the device

revoluation UI

really love this UI. very intuitive and seems the only app with the style

Nice and simple

A very easy voice recorder. Only three buttons to push, record and play. That's it.

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